Chris Kapa


Dawn or dusk, heat hazed deserts or snow capped crags, a Kapa landscape takes you right there. Kapa’s understanding of the quality and subtleties of light in all its varieties reveals environments in a way you’ve never seen them before.


A great brand is not a logo on a billboard or a product sitting on a shop shelf. Instead it’s an idea, a philosophy and a message that customers connect with. Along with speaking in the right way, delivering on your promises, and using the appropriate visual system, image style is paramount to creating an ownable brand with the strength to go the distance. The right shot can convey the spirit of your brand in a split second, speaking directly to what you stand for. How we communicate all that is where Kapa steps in.


Kapa’s talent is as much about putting his subject supremely at ease as it is about capturing that perfect moment for a relaxed, natural portrait. Even the most anxiety-ridden patient is comfortable within moments of meeting this low-key photographer who has an innate sense of the fun and humour about him. Kapa’s instinct and intuition for people even before shutter clicks means his portraits reveal both beauty and depth of the sitter’s unique character.


Fashion is a fickle mistress: demure one day, flashy the next. But constant reinvention is a perfect fit for Kapa and his fervor for all things new. He thrives on the unexpected, never afraid to invent something different or get a little crazy. Whether you want ultra modern, uber chic or just beautifully iconic, Kapa has just the right mix of passion, focus and fun to keep you cutting edge. Plus, he won’t throw a tantrum if you bring him the wrong brand of bottled water… he’s good like that.